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Percocet is a drug with a combination opioid and non-opioid pain reliever intended for use on short-term, acute pain of a moderate to severe nature. It contains the non-prescription pain reliever acetaminophen, which amplifies the effects of the other ingredient, oxycodone, a potent pain reliever. Powerful painkillers tend to be expensive, but with the help of searchRx’s pharmacy search tool, you can find the lowest price for Percocet in your local area, then cut the cost of Percocet even more with one of our Percocet coupons. Once you locate a pharmacy with affordable medication, just download Percocet coupons through SMS (text) message or email, or print one out and take it to your favorite pharmacy to start saving on the price of Percocet instantly.

Percocet is highly effective at treating short-term, acute pain that reaches moderate to severe levels. It is often prescribed after minor surgeries or as an aid during treatment of conditions that cause abrupt attacks of pain.

Percocet comes in pills (tablets) and its dosage is adjusted by a physician to the level of pain the patient feels. Dosage may increase if the condition being treated is prolonged and the patient develops a tolerance to opioids. For treatment of chronic pain, Percocet is taken on a regular dosage schedule throughout the day.

Inform your physician before use if you have: breathing problems, lung disease, cirrhosis, a history of drug abuse, alcohol addiction, mental illness, diarrhea, any inflammatory bowel diseases, stomach or intestinal blockage, kidney disease, problems urinating, issues in the gallbladder, pancreas, or thyroid, a history of head injury, a brain tumor, or seizures. Patients develop dependence to Percocet easily. When stopping medication, patients must be weaned off by taking weaker doses over longer periods of time until there is no risk of withdrawal.

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